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Learn machine learning for SEO

Learn machine learning for SEO – regardless of the platform you are driving organic growth for.

Explained by actual experts

Lessons are curated and built from actual ML/SEO experts – people that know the challenges of SEO, and understand machine learning well enough to implement it in a meaningful way.

Zero-to-hero on a given project, with the help of our experts

Academy lessons are different than our normal content as they take you from zero-to-hero in a single session. Whether it’s doing internal linking with ML or building a keyword or customer review universe, we will show you everything from opening your browser to hitting send on the email to your stakeholder.

A new way to learn machine learning for Organic Search Marketing

If you have tried machine learning and struggled, or if you love ChatGPT but realise how much better you can do, then this platform is just what you need.


Lessons that will take you from zero-to-hero

What makes the academy content different is that it will allow you to really understand what to do, how to do it, and why do it in the context of organic search marketing and machine learning. The concepts and methods are tried and tested by our expert contributors, and they are there to guide you through every step of the journey.


Knowledgeable experts, ready to help

All experts are easily reachable to answer questions in our Slack community. You are going to be learning from the best in the game – people with experience in both machine learning automation and organic search marketing. Creative, passionate, great educators that are there to help you in every step of your journey!


Community of learners

Our Slack community is the perfect place to connect with like-minded marketers and our expert contributors. The academy will also have different formats, like AMA and interviews, that will go beyond the obvious and discuss the challenges of ML implementations.


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Popular for beginners and people that want to try implementing machine learning into a few projects but not sure of long-term goals

Enterprise learner

Perfect for those, looking to use up some of their personal company-sponsored learning budget for skills development in machine learning. Yearly pricing, with an ability to get access to the academy and all past and future academy content for one year


/ year

Access to academy content

Access to Slack community

Special discounts and early access to online courses

16.67% yearly price discount

Popular for enterprise marketers, looking to up-skill in machine learning

Team of learners

Everything you need to get start building your website.

Prices as low as:


/ per seat on custom packages

Access to academy content

Access to Slack community

Special discounts and early access to online courses

Popular for teams – agency, small organisations, or enterprises

Discounts and custom packages with training options for enterprise organisations

Not sure? No problem ✨

You can still start learning immediately with our machine learning tutorials, project implementation guides, and templates for all things coding, Google Sheets, and Looker Studio. We’ve made sure you have everything you need to get better at MLforSEO, regardless whether you join the academy or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free content and the academy content?

The free content we publish on our blog and resource section is organised in three main content types – machine learning tutorials, project implementation guides, and templates. Essentially, we focus on different nuggets of information, and everyone can pick and choose what to learn or what template or process to use. Combining these different content types would still result in awesome implementations, and amazing learnings. These resources are, of course all created by our team of ML/SEO expert contributors.

The academy content, on the other hand, is a more guided walk-through of a given project. Think of it like expert-led hands-on webinars, with all the commentary and detail you need to become an expert on the topic. They are jam-packed with information and insights on how to go from good to great, or even expert. Our academy is designed to also showcase more edge use cases and highlight aspects of ML implementation beyond the obvious.

Does academy access grant me access to online courses as well?

No, the academy access does not grant access to online courses. Since there might be some overlap between the materials in the courses and academy, we promise to offer a very generous discount to online courses to all of our academy members.

When will the academy go live?

We are planning to launch the MLforSEO academy in Q2/Q3 2024. Until then, we will focus our efforts on building an amazing content and templates library, great newsletter content, and sourcing the best talent from the organic search marketing industry to help us achieve our goals for the academy.

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